5 Amazing Medical Benefits Of Marijuana No One Told You


Cannabis, often referred to as marijuana is a hallucinogenic drug derived from the plant by the same name. The use of marijuana for the medical purpose has sparked a controversial debate among doctors, media people, and even social activists. There are websites like www.medicalmarijuanaservices.ca/medical-marijuana-Alberta/ that help patient reap the medical benefits of marijuana. You can even look up for tips on health and productivity at www.lifehack.org to know why marijuana is widely recommended.

Go through popular publications in medical journals like the American Journal of Clinical Oncology that has listed the major health advantages of this psychoactive drug. Some of them include:

Relief From Pain
Whether you have an unpleasant toothache or a severe joint pain, you will experience some sort of pain associated with the medical problem. This can come in the way of your daily activities, work, leisure, and can affect your mood and state of mind. Chronic pain like a migraine and arthritis can be treated by prescribing painkillers, but they can cause negative effects in the long run. This includes over-dependency on the drug and can lead to casualties if these drugs are taken without the consent of the doctor.

Cannabis contains active ingredients, namely Cannabinoids that cause a soothing effect. There are nearly 80 varieties of these active ingredients, and one of them THC is known to trigger the Cannabinoid receptors in the body.

Weight Loss Issues
On one side of the scale, problems related to obesity are on the rise, and the other side sees issues like anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Added to this, the present day lifestyle sees little or zero nutrition in food consumed. This long-term deficiency can lead to the onset of bone weakness and other health problems.

If you are few of the individuals who are trying to regain your lost appetite, marijuana is recommended for you. Wondering why? Cannabis assists in weight gain in undernourished individuals and the good news are that it does not cause any abnormal weight gain in people with normal weight.

Behavioral And Mood Issues
It is not just your physical well-being, but your mental health is important as well. Common mental illnesses like anxiety disorder, bipolar, schizophrenia, and clinical depression cause a dent in relationships and can come in the way of leading a normal life. Doctors prescribe medications and treatment, but these come with their own side effects.

It has been reported that cannabis is used to treat mood disorders and other behavioral conditions. Cannabis is used in conjunction with other medicines and is safe for use.

Treatment Of Glaucoma
Patients with glaucoma swear by marijuana as it helps decrease the pressure on the eyeball. When cannabis is smoked it lowered the intraocular pressure levels. The drug slowed the progression of glaucoma and helped prevent blindness.

Improves Lung Health
For those of you who thought cannabis impaired lung function, you are wrong in all probability. A comparative study revealed that pot users had increased lung power which could be due to the deep breaths that marijuana users for inhaling the drug.

Like any other therapeutic drug, marijuana must be used judiciously under the prescription of a doctor.

Doula – Why Should A Pregnant Woman Hire One


Doula pronounced as ‘doo-la’ is derived from a Greek word which means a caregiver. If you are pregnant it is very unlikely that you would not have heard. For those of you who are thinking why a doula, there are many reasons for hiring one. A doula is a caregiver who emotionally and physically supports you during pre and post birth. As per surveys conducted by leading health magazine www.health.com, most new moms who hired an experienced doula during pregnancy had a smooth and stress-free delivery due to their support and care.

Here are a few reasons how a Doula helps during pregnancy.

Less pressure on Dads: Today, fathers are expected to play a hands-on and active role in the birthing process. However, not all would have experienced childbirth before and hence would be under stress dealing with this process. By having a doula, fathers learn comfort techniques, and he can enjoy the pregnancy period as well as birth with his spouse without any pressure.

Support and Encouragement: Doulas are available for support 24*7 via phone, text, email and every other form of communication available today. Most pregnant women will have a lot of queries, some might be trivial, and they would not want to call their OB for this. In such cases, they can turn to doulas.
Most doulas are trained and experienced not only in support but also help in giving birth. So the presence of a doula has a calming effect on pregnant women, knowing that she has emotional as well as trained support by her side.

Caring for to-be parents: Childbirth is so intense that parents sometimes do not take good care of themselves. Another reason to hire a doula is that they help not just moms but also dads to take care of themselves.

Apart from the above emotional reasons, here are a few technical reasons why a doula is needed.

Providing valuable information on childbirth, planning for delivery.
Provides guidance and information on the correct fetal positioning.
Offers Massage and other comfort techniques
Suggests various positions to ease pain and helps with a smooth labor.
Suggests various ways to help sleep better during pregnancy.
Assist with photography of first few family moments after childbirth.
Breastfeeding techniques post birth of a child.
Dos and don’ts on child care

Help with Birth: One of the top reasons for hiring a doula is that she is a trained birth support person. A doula knows the needs, looks out for the needs of a mother in labor. The main difference between a midwife and a doula is that a doula gives personal attention to the mother in labor from the time the mother experiences pain till childbirth, but a midwife cannot do the same due to time constraints. Also, a doula is a calm and reassuring presence in intense moments or during problems in childbirth, which your family member will not have much experience.

The presence of doula in your team during pregnancy and after childbirth makes the process of birthing a memorable event and not a traumatic experience.

Preparing New Mommies For A Natural Childbirth

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful phase in any woman’s life. With the increase in awareness, several pregnant women are choosing to have a natural childbirth. There are several online centers like nancylucina.com who guide you through the process of natural childbirth. Look up for health centers aimed at natural childbirth at www.plannedparenthood.org or read their featured blogs for guidance.

First, here’s what you should know about natural childbirth. This refers to the drug-free vaginal birth that happens to one of the goals of a majority of expectant mommies.

If you are planning to go natural, follow these tips.
1. Join a prenatal class
Back to school time. Sign up for classes or online sessions that teach you the mechanisms of childbirth. They offer you several relaxing techniques like deep breathing, self-hypnosis, and meditation. Check if your hospital or health care center has provision for such classes.

However, if your hospital is mainly into C-section deliveries, this leaves you no choice but to seek help online or private instructors.

2. Choose A Hospital That Supports Natural Birth
Most of the times, it is not a feasible idea to narrow down on the hospitals that are into natural childbirth. Instead, you can hire a nurse who has been trained in natural child births.

3. Find The Right People To Support You During Your Delivery
It is a wonderful feeling to have your husband and family members watch your baby being delivered. Do you have the right people near you? Amidst all the painful contractions and water breaking naturally, you wouldn’t want to appear like you are on a deserted island.

Hire a nurse or a midwife who can tend to you when you start experiencing pain or contractions.

4. Stay In Shape
With pregnancy, it is natural to gain weight. If you are choosing to go the natural way to bring your little one into the world, avoid piling up extra weight. Obese women find it harder to go through the process of natural birth.

5. Go Easy On The Tests And Drugs
If you do not have a history of high-risk pregnancy or other medical complications, go for few tests and treatments during your pregnancy. Do not neglect the important ones that might be recommended by your gynecologist. Not all the medical tests are important, so be on your toes and ask them if it is really required for your baby’s health.

6. Prepare For Early Labor At Home
Walk around a bit, enjoy a refreshing bath, bite into your favorite cookie or drink water. When you experience contractions that are less than five minutes apart, get in touch with your hospital. Ensure that you have all the arrangements done so you do not turn into a bundle of nerves.

7. Water Is The Elixir Of Life
Arrange for a birthing tub, a hot compress or a shower that are natural ways to ease the pain. Spend time in the water tub and make use of your prenatal education to relax.