Best Ways For Hair Removal


After getting dressed up for the night, women always do the thing that makes them feel better- check themselves from head to toe to know that they are perfect. Sometimes, the look is not so perfect and ruined by those little hairs on the leg. They need to be removed quickly when there is no time to go to the parlor. There are many ways for hair removal, which can all be done at home. These methods are simple, quick and easy. Choose from among best epilator, depilatory cream, shaving razors and waxing kits.
Shaving is by far the quickest way to remove hair immediately at home. A good razor makes a close shave to the skin, cutting the hair close, making it look hairless. However, the roots stay in the hair grows back. Shaving is suitable to remove unwanted hair from ant body parts, except the face. The only downside to shaving is that the regrowth of hair is pretty faster when compared to other hair removal methods. Before shaving, it is recommended to use either shaving cream or gel on the area to give a smooth and easy shave. It also makes the movement of the blade easier along the skin and avoid nicking or cutting the skin. When the hair is shaved, the fine tip of the hair gets cut, and the hair that grows back seems coarser and darker. Because of this, the hair that grows back might feel rougher than when other methods are used.

Cold Waxing
Cold wax strips can also be used to remove body hair easily. This is also the most widely used technique to remove hair at home. The strips are pre-applied with wax which is easier than using a bowl or spatula. Wax strips also come in handy to remove hair from hard to reach areas like bikini line or underarms. When compared to other methods such as shaving, waxing has a longer lasting effect. The skin would stay smoother, for up to four weeks. To make waxing easier and effective, it is important to let the hair grow for at least 1.5 mm in length. This way, the wax strips can pull the hairs individually with ease.

Using a cold wax is very easy. The adhesive cover must be peeled off the strip, and the strip must be rubbed tightly on to the skin. After making sure that the strip is stuck properly, it needs to be pulled off in a swift move to make sure that all the hairs come along with the strip. Another advantage of the wax strips is that they are easy to use and easier to dispose.

Depilatory Cream
This is one of the painless ways to remove hair. The cream works by breaking down of keratin structure of the hair. There are many versions of the cream, even for sensitive skin. They are also cheap and easy to use. The cream needs to be applied on the area and should be left for at least 3 minutes before removing the cream. The instructions can be found on the leaflet that comes with the bottle. The cream can be rinsed off with water.

Shaving is an option for the ones who don’t mind faster growing of hair. Waxing is for long term removal, which lasts up to a month. For smoother skin, the depilatory cream can be used.