Root Canal Therapy: Get Complete Oral Care Health

Oral Care Health

When you are not taking care your teeth properly, germs in your mouth release acids and eat away your teeth resulting in a hole which is called tooth cavity. The tooth cavity contains three layers. They are Enamel, Dentin, and Pulp. If you not treated properly, tooth cavity leads to tooth structural damage and pulp damage. There are treatments for this but some people will neglect to take care of their teeth, and these infections will damage the bone around your tooth, and finally, you need to extract your teeth.
If you are looking for a good oral health clinic in Hamilton, then you can visit Century Stone Dental. You can get the treatment for your complete oral health problems by taking an appointment from the website that gives an idea of the experts and their services. If you have any symptoms like tooth sensitivity when having any food item cold or heat, swelling near the teeth, discoloration and broken tooth, then you need root canal therapy. The dentist will examine whether you need root canal therapy by taking an x-ray of your tooth by exposing the tooth to hot and cold pressure. If the report is not clear and the dentist will go for next treatment called electric pulp tester.
If you have a minor tooth problem, the root canal therapy can be completed in one visit. The therapy will be done in two steps. In the first step, your dentist will put a hole to remove the top of the pulp for measuring the canal. In the next step, through x-ray and electric apex locator, the canal is measured. He or She removes all the damaged pulp tissues in the canal and seal the canal by applying antiseptic solution to the canal. There are some problems arises after taking the root canal therapy. After the treatment if your teeth are left untreated, a new infection may form, you may get any crack in the root, etc. The root canal therapy is a successful and painless treatment.